Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition 2021, China

The Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition kicked off this week at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. It's one of the largest and best attended lighting and LED exhibitions in Asia with a total of 2,028 exhibitors. BrightView and Ming Yue shared a booth and talked with customers, held demos and introduced new products. 

This year's exhibition theme was "The Future Is Now". There was much discussion on the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the future of the Lighting business. The feeling was optimistic: "The urge for emerging fields such as full-on smart lighting and lifestyle, health lighting, educational lighting and night-time economy are stimulating the future of the industry and forming a new disposition, shaping a new future for the industry."

Thank you to the Exhibition organizers for putting on a great exhibit!

Guanzhou booth 21