More Effective and Efficient Object Recognition Optics

With the rise of machine learning and AI, object recognition, or machine vision, systems are a critical enabler to these technologies – they are the key subsystem enabling these devices to "see" their environment. Object Recognition (OR) was popularized with the Microsoft KinectTM and Nintendo WiiTM video game systems in gesture recognition, and has been extended with FaceID, Google Tango and many other products. Object recognition optics continues to find new uses in applications such as mass production line monitoring, cashier-less shopping, and robot guidance. Each OR system requires precision and clarity to reliably process information and a specific light beam shape to brightly illuminate the area of interest.

Object Recognition Optics
Object Recognition

BrightView beam shaping optics can be used in a variety of industrial machine vision and LiDAR applications and provide several advantages including:

  • Cost effective optics management
  • A variety of substrates and form factors
  • Customizable beam shapes, such as rectangular top hat and circular designs
  • Fast time to market – we quickly help you find and design the right optics solution
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