VCSEL Diffuser (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser)

Applications: 3D sensing, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, gesture recognition, IRIS recognition, and laser auto-focus.


Z-series diffusers provide uniform surface illumination for VCSEL lasers. The Z-series diffusers convert a Gaussian input beam from the VSCEL array to a uniform rectangular surface projection. Z-series diffusers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Time-of-Flight VCSEL applications, including low zero order emission, compatibility with high peak laser power and uniformity. A variety of substrate offerings are available including materials compatible with typical solder reflow processes

Product Angles 
Substrate Options Available Thickness

45° x 60°

 Glass, PET, PMMA, PC/td>
0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer)

70° x 55°

Glass, PET, PMMA, PC