G-Series Diffusion

G-Series Glare Control and Gain Diffusers

Glare Suppression

G-Series diffusers suppress high-angle light above 65 degrees to reduce visual glare and improve the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of luminaires. This helps luminaires comply with IESNA RP1-04 and EN12464 glare specifications. These patented² and patent-pending diffusers, unlike conventional prismatic sheets, have a soft cutoff with no color separation thereby increasing visual appeal and LED hiding ability.

New! G-GH85 diffusers offer improved hiding of LEDs.



G-Series diffusers can increase central (on-axis) candela intensity by up to 30%, or as high as 60% when used with a C-HE55 or C-HE80 diffuser.

New! An optional anti-wet-out coating is available on the back surface for compatibility with edge lit lighting (light guide plates). 

Product Appearence Glare
L65° / L0°
(% of CBCP,typical.Lower is better)1
L0° G-Series / L0° Lambertian
(Typical Edge-Lit Panel)1
Angle FWHM (Typical)1 Efficiency in LED luminaire (Typical)1
G-GC90 Smooth 15% 0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer) 90° 89 - 93%
G-GPHS 1.5 mm Hex Pattern 15% 0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer) 90° 89 - 93%
G-GPHM2.4 mm Hex Pattern13%
0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer) 90° 89 - 93%
G-GPHX 10 mm Hex Pattern 12% 0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer) 90° 89 - 93%
G-GH85 Smooth with LED hiding 13% 0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer) 85° 89 - 93%
Lambertian Source (provided for reference) 40% 0.175 - 1.1 mm (Glass) or 0.05 - 6 mm (Polymer) 120°  


Visual Appearance

Glare Control diffusers exhibit a variety of appearances depending on illumination conditions.They can be used in conjunction with C-Series diffusers to better hide light sources and further increase gain.

 G-Series Appearance

Usage Notes:

  • G-Series diffusers must be flat to achieve glare control; they cannot be formed in curves around lamps
  • G-Series diffusers must be used with the microstructure facing away from the LED or lamp
  • Helps luminaries meet ANSI/IESNA RP-1-04 and EN12464 glare standards for office/indoor lighting
  • Suppression of glare and efficiencies are typical; they vary greatly depending on luminaire design
  • Bright View applications engineers can assist with product choices and help your design achieve peak performance

1Optical performance including Glare, Gain, Angles and Efficiencies are typical; they vary greatly depending on luminaire design. Results shown were measured using a test fixture with lambertian light source in a goniophotometer.

2Protected by patent US9086521, other patents, and pending patent(s).

G-Series Glare Control Diffusers Product Notes