Beam-Mixing LED Diffusers

M-Series Diffusers for Downlight, Spot, and Flood Applications


M-Series diffusers are used in spot and narrow flood lighting to smooth beam artifacts caused by parabolic, Fresnel, or TIR lens collimators without significant broadening. The unique mixing design provides superior far-field smoothing and color mixing with high on-axis brightness. Compared with traditional diffusers, M-series diffusers maintain higher central beam candlepower (CBCP), and produce less undesirable “field light” at higher angles.

Typical Transmission
(narrow collimated light)
Use for lights with
angles in the range of
  M-PR01   90 - 96 %  0° – 20°
Provides smooth spot on work surface with minimal widening and minimal brightness penalty.

 M-PR03  90 – 96 %  0° – 20°
 M-PR04  90 – 96 %  0° – 20°
 M-PR05 90 – 96 % 8° – 20°
M-PR10 89 – 95 % 15° – 30°
 M-PR15 88 – 94 % 20° – 50°


Usage Notes:

  • M-Series diffusers may be used in either orientation. Bright View recommends using the microstructures facing toward the LEDs or lamps
  • Choose the minimum-strength M-Series diffuser that provides the needed smoothing
  • M-Series diffusers do not have focusing power – they are designed for use in conjunction with parabolic, Fresnel, TIR, or other collimation optics
  • Bright View applications engineers can assist with product choices and help your design achieve peak performance 


 Angles and transmissions are typical; they vary greatly depending on luminaire design.