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Micro Lens Arrays

BrightView designs and manufactures Micro Lens Arrays (MLAs) for the visual intelligence space. MLAs transform optics and unlock the ability to improve size, cost, scale, precision, and other component qualities across existing and emerging technologies. Our unique solutions allow customers to grow and enhance their technology platforms to meet their needs today and to support their MLA optics needs for tomorrow. 

MLAs consist of microscale lenses used to manage and shape light in various applications. BrightView offers high volume, high quality MLA solutions for consumer and automotive displays, LiDAR, machine vision, gesture and object recognition, augmented and virtual reality systems, and LED lighting.

Why BrightView?

Micro Lens Arrays
Flash LiDAR


Larger, higher resolution Displays, LiDAR for improved safety, Head Up Displays rich in driver relevant information, interior and exterior LED Lighting that creates a unique, signature look are important applications in the vehicles of today and tomorrow. BrightView offers MLA solutions that work to efficiently shape and guide light at the quality and quantity you need to take your design to the next level. 

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BrightView's MLA films work with a variety of display platforms to improve brightness, efficiency, and uniformity in existing and new display designs. Our Gain Enhancement Films provide a brightness boost to Edge Lit LCDs. Our LED hiding films provide a highly uniform, efficient light output for thinner 2D mini LED LCDs, also called Full Array Local Dimming (FALD). BrightView can help you with custom designs for new types of advanced displays.

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Display - Desktop
Light Guides


BrightView is a leader in LED lighting shaping and diffusion. For over 10 years, we've provided solutions to provide an antique look in architectural, industrial, commercial, and horticultural, in a variety of form factors and materials. BrightView has a large number of off the shelf products to meet your lighting needs, and can create custom beam shaping diffusers that can make your new design a reality.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

New augmented reality and virtual reality systems, which include object recognition, gesture recognition, and machine vision, are becoming a major part of advanced manufacturing, entertainment and safety. These new systems must be able to see the surrounding environment to work properly. BrightView's beam shaping optics work to provide the right field of view efficiently and in a small package. 

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Augmented Reality