September 26-27, 2023

Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Conference

BrightView Technologies is bringing unmatched brightness, innovative HUD demos and more to this year's Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2023. As pioneers in the display industry, we're set to unveil innovations that promise to redefine automotive visuals.

Come see our exciting new demo at Booth #909! 

Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2023
2023 BrightView Sales Conference

Summer, 2023
Brightview's Annual Sales Conference

BrightView recently held its annual 2023 Sales Conference at their Durham, USA headquarters. Over 2 days, our sales leaders presented on their progress and strategy, advancements in customer engagement and expansion, and our growing position in the Display, Automotive, Aerospace and Sensing markets.

BrightView has four regional sales leaders, spanning the US (West and East), Europe and China. The conference also included an address from Technology Venture Partners, BrightView’s principal investors.

June 16, 2023

Enhancing Visual Intelligence with Efficient Beam Shaping for Automotive LiDAR

Introducing the future of autonomous driving! In an exclusive article featured in LIDAR Magazine, John Wilson, Ph.D., a member of our R&D group, unveils the remarkable advantages of the latest visual intelligence solutions.

This groundbreaking research showcases the transformative potential of Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology and sets the stage for a future dominated by autonomous and semi-autonomous driving. Click here to discover how to achieve efficient, uniform illumination and iterate quickly with customized solid-state LiDAR designs.

Beam Shaping for Automotive LiDAR

May 22, 2023
BrightView Announces New Mini-LED Display Film

BrightView Technologies has announced the launch of its new mini-LED display film which offers up to a 30% improvement in LED hiding performance while maintaining high brightness standards. The solution allows display manufacturers to achieve their specifications for brightness and hiding using fewer and thinner films for enhanced efficiency. For the full press release, click here.

July 15, 2022
Heroes in American Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) selected BrightView to be highlighted in their Heroes in American Manufacturing Program. We are incredibly honored to be selected out of a national pool of manufacturing companies! Click here to see the video, and thank you to MEP!



June 9, 2022

Introducing BrightView Technologies Webinar Series

On Thursday 9 June BVT will present the first installation of their new webinar series! Register now for: "Enhanced Brightness for Edge Lit Displays Using MLAs". In this brief "lunchtime" session you'll learn how BrightView's innovative Gain Enhancement Films push the limits of edge lit technology to provide a brightness performance boost in display designs. 

April 20, 2022

BrightView celebrates Earth Day with a focus on Sustainability

Earth Day was the perfect time for BrightView to celebrate our commitment to sustainability. All employees gathered to review how BrightView works every day to honor sustainability and to learn how these efforts can be continued at home. The day also included a creative project; several hand-painted birdhouses will be donated to Habitat for Humanity! Check out BrightView's impressive sustainability stats here.

painting birdhouse

January 2022

BrightView Technologies Introduces T-Series Top Hat MLA Products for LiDAR, 3D Sensing, and Display Application

To learn more about the new top hat products, read the press release here. See our products page for additional technical information. 

December 2021

BrightView CEO, Jennifer Aspell, sits down with Triangle Business Journal and WRAL Tech Wire to discuss BrightView's technology, markets, and future prospects.

Read more here

Jennifer Headshot