Bright, Crisp HUD Images

Head up displays project critical information into the driver’s field view for an improved driving experience. In today’s vehicles the plethora of onboard sensors including LiDAR, radar, and cameras can be integrated into the HUD information display to create an information rich view for drivers. These HUD systems require more sophisticated optics that traditional HUD, and projecting images to the right place and keeping them crisp and bright remain key to optimal performance.

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HUD heads up display schematic

BrightView Products for Head Up Displays

BrightView offers MLAs that act as a critical component in managing optics in the HUD unit by helping to shape the eyebox profile. Benefits include:

  • Crisp and bright images
  • Meets stringent automotive environment conditions
  • Compatible with LCD and DLP-based HUDs, including next generation AR HUDs
  • Beam shaping optics are customizable to your application
  • High quality, high volume roll to roll process
  • Quick, cost effective customized optical profiles that meet your specifications

Standard products include:
Elliptical profile: 15°x30°, 10°x20°
Top hat profile: 12°x29°
Angle bending/Direction turning: 14°

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