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Displays in vehicles have become ever more pervasive and will continue to grow in the coming years. Automotive displays require a robust set of materials to ensure it will last for the life of the vehicle. Improved, brighter edge lit displays, and now mini LED (backlit) displays are finding their way into new vehicles. These display designs require unique solutions to ensure excellent back light uniformity and efficiency performance.

Automotive Displays

BrightView Products for Automotive Display

Automotive Displays

Mini LED Displays

New 2D mini-LED backlights demonstrate a dramatic performance increase over traditional displays but pose new design challenges as it differs from current LCD backlight technologies in significant ways. BrightView’s innovative micro lens arrays ensures your display takes full advantage of this new technology. Advantages include:

  • Better light uniformity and local dimming performance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Quality films that perform under automotive conditions
  • Custom film stacks available

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How to choose a BrightView MLA film stack for your mini LED display application

Many factors go into the design of a film stack for back lights on mini LED displays. When choosing an appropriate film stack combination BrightView engineers look at the following factors:

  • LED pitch
  • Type of color conversion film: phosphor or quantum dot (QD)
  • Desired thickness
  • Efficiency requirement
  • Blue edge reduction requirement

Our engineers take these specifications into account, and work with you to find an optimized solution for your display design. 

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Edge Lit Displays

Edge lit displays are a tried-and-true technology, which has had incremental improvements in its design over several years. BrightView’s Gain Enhancement Film or GEF, can breathe new life into existing edge lit displays by replacing the exiting down diffuser.

  • Directs light into the brightness enhancement films
  • Up to 30% boost in brightness
  • Run the display at lower power to improved efficiency
  • Meets automotive quality and environmental standards

Edge Lit Product Note


Automotive Displays
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How to choose a BrightView product for edge lit display application

BrightView offers variations on the gain enhancement film depending on the application and type of edge lit back light. Things to consider are:

  • LGP light design (light extracting features and backside linear structure)
  • Crossed BEF choice (BEF prism refractive index and prism apex angles) 
  • Reflector properties (specular to diffusive)
  • Crossed BEF orientations

Our experienced team of optics engineers can help guide you through the design process and find and create the optimal configuration that fits your need. 

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