BrightView Technologies’ New Mini-LED Display Film Improves LED Hiding Performance up to 30%

BrightView to showcase its advancing portfolio of MLA solutions at SID Display Week 2023


Research Triangle Park, NC – May 22, 2023BrightView Technologies, a leading global supplier of Visual Intelligence™ solutions, has announced the launch of its new mini-LED display film which offers up to a 30% improvement in LED hiding performance while maintaining high brightness standards. The solution allows display manufacturers to achieve their specifications for brightness and hiding using fewer and thinner films for enhanced efficiency.

“Mini LED displays are becoming the go-to backlight solution for smartphones and other advanced technologies, but it can be a challenge for designers to maintain the level of LED hiding necessary for preventing unwanted light leakage and ensuring optimal image quality,” said Ben Jacobs, engineering program manager at BrightView. “Our latest display film was designed to help developers leap this hurdle with an innovative solution that is also more efficient and cost-effective.”

BrightView’s mini-LED display films are engineered with cutting edge micro lens array (MLA) technology that consist of microscale lenses used to manage and shape light. As opposed to conventional diffusers that rely on light scattering, MLAs use refraction and total internal reflection to manage optics and provide better light uniformity and local dimming performance. BrightView’s MLA offerings are bolstered by the company’s roll-to-roll manufacturing process which helps facilitate cost-effective, high-volume production.

BrightView will showcase its latest display films, along with its full portfolio of advanced MLA products, at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2023. The event exhibition runs May 23-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Attendees are invited to stop by booth #638 to see how BrightView’s solutions can optimize optical performance in a growing list of applications.

To set up a media briefing at Display Week, please contact Ryan Boger at Largemouth Communications, (919) 459-6454, [email protected]. For more information on BrightView's Mini LED Displays, visit

About BrightView Technologies
BrightView’s Visual Intelligence™ solutions are at the intersection of physical perception and the digital world. BrightView combines polymer expertise with its patented microstructure lens array (MLA) technology to produce optimized solutions for a variety of applications such as LiDAR, consumer electronics, 3D Sensing, automotive, lighting, machine vision, robotics, and other Visual Intelligence™ markets. Headquartered in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina, BrightView Technologies designs and manufactures its range of advanced components for customers worldwide. For additional information, visit BrightView online at; on Twitter @Bright_ViewTech or on LinkedIn at

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