Durham, NC
November 19, 2020

BrightView welcomed Governor Roy Cooper to our office to view the facility and talk with BVT president Jennifer Aspell and Operations Director Mike Bobay. Gov Cooper first listened to Jennifer explain how BrightView started making face shields and how we met the demand for local NC organizations. The Governor reiterated the ongoing need for PPE as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.  

“I am proud of the North Carolina companies, like BrightView, that saw a need for personal protective equipment and got to work making more supplies,” said Governor Cooper. “This is the type of North Carolina innovation and cooperation that we need to get through this pandemic.”

Gov Cooper then took time to view the production facilities guided by Mike, and he had the opportunity to see how the Bright Shield face shields are made. 

Cooper noted, "finding opportunity in crisis, you helped create jobs for people who had lost jobs and not only kept your own people employed, but added to the woodpile for jobs, so to speak. So that’s the thing that we want to see in North Carolina with our entrepreneurial, innovative spirit.”

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