Ultra-high Reflectivity Increases Luminaire Efficiency

BrightWhite™ diffuse, white light reflectors provide ultra-high reflectivity for use in lighting, illumination, displays, and signage. Luminaires lined with BrightWhite™ reflectors can provide up to 30% more light output than those lined with white paint, solder mask, or powder coat.

BrightWhite™ reflectors are available as a film, tape, or laminated to metal. They are easily and cleanly cut using laser, die, shear, or blade cutters. Shapes can be created with standard thermoforming techniques to line the interior surfaces of luminaires. Metal versions are compatible with shear, punch, roll, and other standard sheet metal processes.

Reflector Diffusion Graph
Different Light sources will produce different distributions – an applications engineer can help with your particular design
Product Form Thickness, mm (inch)* Typical Reflectivity1 Part Number
BrightWhiteTM Film Thin Film 0.19 (.007) 98% R-MG98-xx06-AD00
BrightWhiteTM Film Film with Adhesive and Liner0.23 (.009)
98% R-MG98-xx06-AD01
BrightWhiteTM FilmThermoformable Film0.41 (.016)
98% R-MG98-xx15-AD00
BrightWhiteTM MetalAluminum or Steel Sheet/Coilvarious
98% Contact Us

Usage Notes

  • BrightWhite™ reflectors can increase the output of light fixtures by up to 30% when installed properly
  • BrightWhite™ reflectors are most effective when combined with high-efficiency diffusers, such as BrightView diffusers
  • For best performance, cover all interior surfaces of the luminaire with BrightWhite™ reflector and avoid creating narrow corners or overlaps that could serve as “light traps”
  • For best performance, angle the sides of the BrightWhite™ reflector outward toward the diffuser

*Measured using a flat anvil tipped micrometer, (thickness based on average gsm will result in a number ~0.7 mil less because of the anti-gloss, anti-wetout surface structures and a ball micrometer will yield an intermediate value)

1This is not a specification. Values are typical and are subject to change without notice.

Reflector Plot

BrightWhite™ Reflector Product Notes