Symmetric Diffusers for LED Hiding and Seamless Applications


V-Series diffusers provide uniform illumination with optimized hiding and efficiency.

V-Series are available in two substrates Polypropylene (PP) and Polycarbonate (PC).  

They are available in continuous, seamless rolls up to a 56-inch (1422 mm) width.

A BrightView applications engineer will be happy to help select the correct product for your application.

C-Series Diffusion



Semi-Rigid Thermoformable Grade

Product Available Thickness Typical angle in a 90º downlight1 (FWHM: full width half max) Efficiency in typical LED luminaire2 Features
V-H080-CV07 .007 in
0.18 mm
80º 88 - 95% High Hiding
High Efficiency
V-H080-CV15.015 in
0.38 mm
88 - 95% Highest Hiding
V-H105-CV07.007 in
0.18 mm
87 - 94% Higher Hiding
V-H105-CV15.015 in
0.38 mm
87 - 94% Higher Hiding

Form Factor

  • Available in continuous (seamless) rolls , sheets, or converted parts
  • Standard widths
  • Flexible Grade: 28, 56 inch
  • Thermoformable Grade: 24, 48 inch

Usage Notes

  • V-Series diffusers are symmetric; either side can face toward the light source
  • Care should be taken not to kink the diffuser as surface blemishes can appear
  • BrightView applications engineers can assist with product choices and help your design achieve peak performance

1 Angles are for reference only, and will vary greatly depending on luminaire design.
2 Efficiencies are typical and vary greatly depending on luminaire design.

Diffuser Materials Data

BrightView diffusers are available on a variety of materials, including film, semi-rigid, and rigid sheets to meet most lighting needs.

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Applications Engineering

BrightView is an agile company with a commitment to rapid prototyping and fast turnaround on standard or custom parts. Application engineers are available to help select the right diffuser solution including optical performance, material choice, environmental requirements, and aesthetics.

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V-Series Volumetric Diffuser Product Notes