Symmetric Diffusers for LED Hiding and Seamless Applications

V-Series diffusers provide uniform illumination with optimized hiding and efficiency. V-Series are available in a Polycarbonate (PC) substrate in continuous, seamless rolls with a 25-inch (635 mm) width. A BrightView applications engineer will be happy to help select the correct product for your application.

C-Series Diffusion

Semi-Rigid Thermoformable Grade

Product Available Thickness Typical angle in a 90º downlight1 (FWHM: full width half max) Efficiency in typical LED luminaire2 Features
V-H080-CV07 .007 in
0.18 mm
80º 88 - 95% High Hiding
High Efficiency
V-H080-CV15.015 in
0.38 mm
88 - 95% Highest Hiding
V-H105-CV07.007 in
0.18 mm
87 - 94% Higher Hiding
V-H105-CV15.015 in
0.38 mm
87 - 94% Higher Hiding

Form Factor

  • Available in continuous (seamless) rolls , sheets, or converted parts
  • Standard roll width: 25in 
    (other widths available upon request)

Usage Notes

  • V-Series diffusers are symmetric; either side can face toward the light source
  • Care should be taken not to kink the diffuser as surface blemishes can appear
  • BrightView applications engineers can assist with product choices and help your design achieve peak performance

1 Angles are for reference only, and will vary greatly depending on luminaire design.
2 Efficiencies are typical and vary greatly depending on luminaire design.

V-Series Form Factor

V-Series Volumetric Diffuser Product Notes