Custom Optics Tailored to your AR and VR Applications

Virtual and augmented, or mixed, reality are transforming the way we interact with our electronic devices and environment. In augmented reality (AR), a special headset or glasses projects images and video into the user’s field of view, either into free space or mapped to real world objects. In virtual reality (VR), the user is immersed in an environment created by a headset that creates the environment. Today AR is becoming more commonplace in business, manufacturing, and enterprise environments to improve virtual team interactions, as a training tool, and to better visualize information. VR is geared toward the consumers in more immersive experiences in video games and cinema. To make these systems possible, devices must see their environment to create a 3D map and to track motion of objects in the field of view. 

AR/VR 3D Sensing and Virtual Reality Optics
AR/VR 3D Sensing, Augmented Reality Optics (AR Optics), and Virtual Reality Optics (VR Optics)

These vision systems require augmented reality beam shaping and steering optics to illuminate the desired field of view. BrightView micro lens array AR optics, or augmented reality optics, create a custom field of view to steer light exactly where it is needed in your application and offer several benefits including:

  • A variety of optical profiles, such as rectangular top hat, elliptical, and circular 
  • Efficient use of light in the field of view
  • Custom designs, fast design iterations to support rapid prototyping and accelerate time to market
  • Many form factors available to fit your application
Beam Shaping Products