Batwing Diffusers

B-Series Linear Batwing Diffusers

Batwing distributions for flat-field illumination


Different Light sources will produce different distributions – an applications engineer can help with your particular design

Bright View patent-pending BrightWing™ diffusers provide an efficient “batwing” distribution to help luminaires achieve a flatfield beam profile, uniformly illuminating a floor or work surface without a central hot-spot. They work equally well with LED and fluorescent sources. Patent application(s) pending.

Luminaires with flat-field distributions can usually provide highly uniform illumination at a greater ceiling spacing than their lambertian counterparts.

Light distributions are determined by the light source, cavity geometry, and choice of diffuser. For this reason, Bright View offers several options in the B-series as well as application engineering to help optimize light designs.

Typical Luminaire
FWHM Angle1
Degree of Nadir
LED hiding power Efficiency in typical
LED luminaire1
B-LM5E-XXXX-HE20 127° Strong Light 92 - 96 %
B-LM5E-XXXX-HE30 124° Medium Medium 92 - 96 %
B-LM5E-XXXX-HE40 120° Light Med-Strong 91 - 95 %

Usage Notes:

Batwing 2
  • B-Lxxx have two different sides. Light should enter the more specularly reflective (glossy) side – please see the Bright View Application Note on Batwing Diffusers for details.
  • Bright View B-series diffusers help sculpt light into an efficient linear “batwing” distribution.
  • Light distributions are determined by the light source, cavity geometry, and choice of diffuser, and may vary significantly depending on the specific luminaire design.
  • Bright View applications engineers can help optimize designs to achieve desired performance.
  • Other angles and degrees of nadir suppression are available on a custom basis.
  • Bright View applications engineers can assist with product choices and help your design achieve peak performance.

1Angles data are typical; they vary greatly depending on luminaire design.