Micro Lens Array films for Edge Lit LED Displays: Coming Soon!

LCD displays driven by edge lit back light units are a mainstay in cost effective displays found in computer monitors, phones, tablets, and a whole host of other applications. Bright View’s optical management films create a uniform homogeneous light output from edge lit LED back light arrays. Our unique micro lens arrays are used for the down diffuser, replacing the traditional down diffuser, resulting in a brighter, more efficient backlight.

  • Up to 10% improvement in brightness over traditional down diffuser films
  • Higher efficiency  
  • Combine with our BW96 BrightWhite reflector for even better efficiency
  • Customizable to your specification
Cell Phone
Edge Lit LED

Light steering in specialized applications

Light output from the LCD can be further manipulated and directed using a surface film. In Automotive displays a batwing film directs light toward the driver and passenger to ensure efficient use of light. Additionally, Bright View offers anti-glare films to reduce eye fatigue.

How to choose a Bright view product for Edge lit displays

Bright View offers variations on the down diffuser depending on the application and type of edge lig back light. Things to consider are:

  • What is your target brightness?
  • Are you using a color conversion film?
  • What is your target thickness?

Our experienced team of optics engineers can help guide you through the design process and find and create the film that fits your need. 

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