Gain Enhancement Films for Mobile Edge Lit LCDs

LCDs driven by edge lit back light units are a mainstay in cost effective displays found in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and automotive displays, to name a few. They are reliable and produce uniform light, but extracting the maximum light output can prove challenging. BrightView now offers Gain Enhancement films (GEFs) based on our micro lens array technology that provides a boost in brightness for edge lit displays. The GEF replaces the traditional down diffuser, resulting in a brighter, more efficient backlight.

  • >10% improvement in brightness compared to traditional down diffuser films
  • Superior LGP structure hiding for highly uniform light output
  • Combine with our BW96 BrightWhite reflector for even better efficiency
  • Customizable to your specification

Product Note: GEFs for Mobile Edge Lit LCDs


Cell Phone
Tablet Display


  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Automotive Displays
  • Custom Displays

How to choose a BrightView product for edge lit displays

BrightView offers variations on the gain enhancement film depending on the application and type of edge lit back light. Things to consider are:

  • LGP light design (light extracting features and backside linear structure)
  • Crossed BEF choice (BEF prism refractive index and prism apex angles) 
  • Reflector properties (specular to diffusive)
  • Crossed BEF orientations

Our experienced team of optics engineers can help guide you through the design process and find and create the optimal configuration that fits your need. 

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