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BrightView’s optical management films create a uniform homogeneous light output from mini LED back light arrays in LCD displays. Instead of using conventional diffuser films that rely on light scattering, BrightView uses a stack of micro lens array, or MLA, films to provide dramatically improved performance. MLAs rely on refraction and total internal reflection to manage optics. BrightView MLAs provide several advantages including:

  • Better light uniformity and local dimming performance
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Thin film stack while maintaining optical performance
  • Works with color conversion films to minimize crosstalk 
  • Customizable to your specification

Mini LED Product Note


Mini LED

How to choose a BrightView MLA film stack for your mini LED application

Many factors go into the design of a film stack for a mini LED back light. When choosing an appropriate film stack combination BrightView engineers look at the following factors:

  • LED pitch – usually between 1 and 5 mm
  • Type of color conversion film: phosphor or quantum dot (QD)
  • Desired thickness
  • Efficiency requirement
  • Blue edge reduction 

Our engineers take these specifications into account, and work with you to find an optimized solution for your display design. 

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Overview of BrightView MLAs for Mini LED Back Light Units