Mini-LED Backlighting

Mini-LED Lighting
Engineered Micro-Optic Films for Mini-LED Backlighting Systems

Usage Notes

  • Bright View Micro-Optic Mini-LED films are engineered to diffuse, homogenize, and control light distributions from Mini-LED arrays

  • Custom Mini-LED films provide uniform color and utilize light shaping performance to achieve efficient backlight control

  • Optimized Micro-lens array film stacks are designed to be placed on top of a Mini-LED grid allowing quick and easy assembly

  • Film orientation is critical when assembling the film stack. All films need to be oriented in the correct direction and stacked in the correct order.

  • Follow safe handling recommendations and avoid introducing contaminates to the film stack during installation.

  • Color conversion and the cross BEF films are not supplied with the BVT film stack.

Mini LED Example Configurations