BrightView offers optical management solutions from concept to final parts. Our converting capabilities enable us to create the size and shape you are looking for on the substrate type and thickness that best suits your application.
Converting Method Materials  TolerancesSize limitationsThickness
  PET UVPET PMMA ReflectorPolycarbonate    
Precision Laser X X X X  ±0.005 in + 0.001 in* 8’ x 4’ and 80” x 120”3 mil to 4 mm
Die CuttingXX
  X  X±0.020 inup to 24"x24"3 to 30 mil
Shear CuttingXX
  X  X±0.030 inRectangular up to 60"3 to 30 mil
Rotary Cutting   X  X±0.020 inup to 4 x 8 ft20 mil to 4 mm
Laser Etching  X X X  X±0.030 in40"x28"NA
* for every foot of travel

Flexible packaging options
  • Labelling: Both machine and human readable
  • Kitting / part separation / liner sheets / part wrap
  • Module packaging for machine load (pick and place)
  • International container shipping
  • Shrink wrap up to 2’x4’
  • Pallet pack

Film Lamination (internal)

  • In-house film to rigid lamination (high volume)
  • Materials: BVT films to rigid PMMA and PC boards
  • Size: 24”x72” finished size 
  • Thickness: 1.5mm (60mil) to 4mm (160mil)

Inspection Capabilities

Laser Inspection

  • Up to 48”x96” inspection
  • PPAP / SPC collection
  • First article inspections

Retained samples

  • Microstructure / reflector / volumetric
  • Requests from customers


Defect Analysis
  • Extensive defect analysis capabilities
  • Manufacturing samples
  • Retained samples
  • Customer returns

External Partners

Film Lamination

  • Reflector on steel / aluminum
  • Widths limited to 50”


  • Reflector (film and metal)
  • Diffusers


  • Reflector (film and metal)
  • Diffusers