Bright View Technologies creates, designs, and fabricates optical management film in the lighting, 3D sensing and display markets. Our unique capabilities in design expertise, mass production, cost effective custom designs and converting make us an effective partner in helping you deliver on your projects. We collaborate with you, have unique fabrication facilities and expertise, and advanced film converting to meet a variety of form factor specifications.


The Bright View Team works with you from design conception through mass production. Work directly with our optics engineers to find the best performing optical management solution quickly and cost effectively, so you can be successful and launch your product faster.

  • A team of PhD level optics experts
  • Quality engineers ensure your films are clean and meet your quality standards
  • Production engineers work to get you the right substrate and form factor

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Bright View uses grayscale lithography technique to pattern microstructures into polymer films. This technique allows us to create nearly unlimited number of shapes and patterns very quickly and cost effectively. We fabricate tooling which is used to mass produce film in a roll to roll process.

  • Nearly limitless shapes and patterns possible
  • Fast iterations to narrow in on the micro lens array design
  • Cost effective – no expensive custom tooling required


Your projects require flexibility in form factor and substrate. Bright View has converting capabilities, including die and laser cutting, clean room facilities, and we maintain strong relationships with several converting partners for more advanced capabilities. We offer several types of substrates including PET, polycarbonate, acrylic and glass in a variety of thicknesses. See our materials page for more information.

  • CNC and laser cutting for precision parts
  • Many substrates and thickness to choose from
  • Strong partnerships with converting companies worldwide

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