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Bright View High Performance Diffusers

Bright View engineered diffusers are based on high-efficiency microlenses in optically clear materials, providing superb performance in angle control, efficiency, source hiding, and aesthetics. They are available in a variety of materials and form factors, including UV-tolerant film and rigid sheets.

Bright View diffusers work in ideal synergy with BrightWhite reflectors, maximizing system efficiency.

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Product Line
Description Diffuser Strength
(higher numbers are more diffusive)
Efficiency in typical luminaire Comment
General-purpose (symmetric) diffusers 5 - 110
90 - 98% General purpose for smoothing, lamp hiding, and color mixing
 M-Series  Spot and Flood beam mixing
 3 - 15
91 - 95%
Beam Mixing for narrow-angle lights. Provides
smoothing without excess spreading.
B-Series  Batwing diffusers 120 - 127  91 - 95%  Batwing distributions for flat-field illumination
 A-Series Angle Bending
8 & 20 degrees 90 - 94%   Asymmetric direction turning diffusers
G-Series  Glare Control diffusers  85 - 90   89 - 93%  G-Series diffusers suppress high-angle light above 65 degrees to improve Unified Glare Ratings 
E-Series Elliptical diffusers  1 - 60 degrees 91 - 96% Spreads light elliptically. Mixes lines of LEDs, and homogenizes fluorescent lamps. Also excellent for wall wash, cove, linear, specialty
V-Series  Volumetric 
80 - 110

87 - 96%  Symmetric polycarbonate and polypropylene diffusers for LED hiding and seamless applications 
S-Series  Textured
  90 - 96% S-Series diffusers are replacement lenses for Solitetm and Industrextm glass lenses
P-Series Patterned diffusers

Patterns may be combined with the optical functions above to create a unique
aesthetic look while maintaining high performance

Diffuser Materials Data

Bright View diffusers are available on a variety of materials, including film, semi-rigid, and rigid sheets to meet most lighting needs.

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Applications Engineering

Bright View is an agile company with a commitment to rapid prototyping and fast turnaround on standard or custom parts. Application engineers are available to help select the right diffuser solution including optical performance, material choice, environmental requirements, and aesthetics.

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