Light Management

Angle Management

Bright View provides a full range of diffusion strengths for forming and managing luminaire light distributions, including batwing, asymmetric, and elliptical light distributions.


Angle Bending (Asymmetric Direction Turning) Diffusers

Angle Bending Diffusers

A-Series diffusers provide an elegant solution for wall-wash, sign illumination, and specialty applications, providing an angle bend to direct the light toward a wall or surface, combined with a simultaneous cross-wall diffusion, to eliminate scalloping and increase uniformity.



B-Series patent-pending batwing diffusers provide uniform flat-field illumination, suppressing central hot spots and allowing greater ceiling spacing. They will be available in a variety of angles, in linear and circular patterns.

Glare Control


Bright View patent-pending Glare Control diffusers combine suppression of high-angle light with a smooth visual cutoff. In addition, these G-Series diffusers enhance the central (on-axis) brightness in direct and edge-lit lighting.


Gain Center Candlepower


Increase center beam candlepower (CBCP) for troffers and edge-lit panels using G-Series diffusers, increasing on-axis candela intensity by as much as 30%. Add a C-Series diffuser and the increase can be up to 60%.

For spot and flood applications, Bright View M-Series mixing diffusers provide beam smoothing and color mixing, maximizing CBCP without excess spreading to higher angles.

Light Management Diffuser Products

Product Line
Description Diffuser Strength
(higher numbers are more diffusive)
Efficiency in typical luminaire Comment
A-Series Angle Bending 20 x 60 88 - 96% Up to 20 degrees bend with crosswise spreading for wall wash, cove, specialty
B-Series Batwing Linear batwing distribution 88 - 96% Linear batwing distribution for creating uniform illumination on a flat surface
G-Series Glare Control and On-axis Gain 65° cutoff, 30-60% gain 89 - 95% New! With cone pattern. Suppresses light above 65 degrees to reduce glare while
enhancing central (on-axis) intensity

Diffuser Materials Data

Bright View diffusers are available on a variety of materials, including film, semi-rigid, and rigid sheets to meet most lighting needs.

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Applications Engineering

Bright View is an agile company with a commitment to rapid prototyping and fast turnaround on standard or custom parts. Application engineers are available to help select the right diffuser solution including optical performance, material choice, environmental requirements, and aesthetics.

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